The Basics of Low Temp Cooking and Holding (Plus a List of Holding Conditions for Certain Foods)

When we eat, we all like tender, juicy meats that are consistently cooked. When we cook, we all like to create perfect dishes with as little effort as possible. When you combine these two things, you get the product of low temperature cooking and holding.


What Is Hydro-Assist in a Chef Series Convection Oven?

The Lang Chef Series line of convection ovens contains an innovative feature that makes it different from other convection ovens on the market. Simply put, the exclusive Hydro-Assist introduces steam to the cooking process to achieve greater results, but let's take a closer look at how Hydro-Assist works and how it leads to enhanced quality.


These Four Chefs Use Henkelman CombiVac in Unique Ways

From pickling and infusing to marinating and tenderizing, there are some unexpected ways for foodservice operators to use vacuum sealing technology from Henkelman.

One of the best ways to see how vacuum sealing is for more than just sous vide, though, is to get some ideas from other chefs across the country who are using Henkelman in unique ways. Here are some thoughts from four of them.