5 Things to Know When Specifying a Bally Refrigerated Box

Not all refrigerated walk-ins are the same. And when it comes to choosing the right combination of features for your refrigerated walk-in cooler or freezer, it may seem overwhelming. Am I getting the right size? Is the refrigeration equipment efficient enough? What about the look of it? Will it stick out like a sore thumb, or can I get a custom look and feel to match my commercial kitchen's aesthetic?

If you've ever asked a question like this, you're not alone! At High Sabatino, we have decades of experience helping to specify refrigerated walk-ins like a Bally refrigerated box for our customers, and along the way, we've heard enough similar questions that we wanted to help answer them in one place.


How Pizza Places Suddenly Became an Industry Leader

Pizza has always been a popular choice amongst those looking for a quick, affordable, last-minute dinner. However, during the recent indoor dining closures, pizzerias became a role model for restaurants looking to survive. Practically overnight, they became leaders in a restaurant industry devastated by COVID-19 closures, in large part because of their ability to provide carryout and delivery services.