Offering Ready-To-Go Meals with the Henkelman CombiVac

In times when customers are looking for easier solutions for meal options, having a ready-to-go section in your grocery or convenience store or restaurant can mean extra profits with minimized labor.


A Brief History of American Beer

Did you know the Native Americans were brewing beer long before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth? With corn and rice as ingredients, the beer was light, as low as 1ABV. Yeah, back then, even a 1% ABV was a great beer.


Proper Storage & Portion Control with Henkelman

Procuring the correct ingredients for food is a challenge of 2021.

Food waste is on everyone's mind, as is labor cost and retention. We know a few things about food waste around here, and we also know that being prepared is crucial to staff feeling valued, and not overworked or stressed. As much that can be done in advance, should be. We know that, with the help of the Henkelman Vacuum System, you can prepare food in advance, and have it be the correct portion size- not wasting any valuable profits.