Sous vide pork belly

Chef Tommy has access to all the top-of-the-line equipment that restaurant operators long to have, and part of his challenge as an executive chef for a company like High Sabatino is to push the limits of the commercial foodservice equipment in our test kitchen. Not only does he love working with all the chef-driven equipment we have, but it helps him build knowledge to better assist our customers. Let's take a look at a quick example.

Chef Tommy's sous vide pork belly really required some thinking outside of the box. He began by using the IRINOX Multifresh at a low temperature using the sous vide method to slow cook the marinated pork belly for 14 hours. Of course, the best way to sous vide cook is by using the Henkelman Boxer 35.

To see more on the Henkelman Vacuum System, check out our helpful video library:

Henkelman Video Library

From there, he prepared some pickled onions and red chilis using a liquid control setting in the Henkelman Boxer 35, to force pickle it inside the vacuum sealer.

To top it all off with a delicious sauce, he made a sesame soy cream using the Vitamix Quiet One and the Aer Disk. The great thing about the Vitamix Commercial line, and The Quiet One in general is that it's so quiet, it doesn't disturb any of the surrounding offices in the same building, and no one is irritated that they can't hear their conference call because of background noise.

We have tons of videos using the Vitamix in the video library. Make sure to check those out by clicking the image below.

Vitamix Video Library

This was beautiful and innovative way to prepare a perfectly tender pork belly exploding with flavor. Don’t underestimate countertop or under-counter IRINOX equipment! Just because it's compact, doesn't mean that it cuts any corners on abilities.

Chef Tommy would love to meet up with you either in-person in the High Sabatino test kitchen, or even virtually. To book some time with Chef Tommy and see it all yourself, we'd love to offer you a free culinary consultation.

Chef Tommy Abbott High Sabatino