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You may know that tenderizing is a great way to make meats more tender, especially in leaner cuts. But did you know that using a vacuum tenderizer can help with other dishes in a commercial kitchen? And using the tenderizing function on a Henkelman CombiVac makes it easy to do.

Originally the tenderizing of meats was done by either pounding the flesh or soaking the meat in a saltwater brine. In fact, the word marinate comes from the Latin word for sea. The act of tenderizing helps to break down strands of muscle and soften the collagen in the meat, which helps create soft gelatin that works on the meat's muscle, making it more tender and juicy.

A vacuum tenderizer makes it simple by keeping the chamber under a vacuum for a certain amount of time, causing continuous pressure to break down the food's cell structure.

Standard on the Henkelman CombiVac, the tenderize feature eliminates the need to pound, needle, or comb the protein, helping to keep its shape.  But tenderizing isn't just for meat. Tenderizing bamboo makes it easier to consume. And have you ever considered using a vacuum tenderizer to make aerated chocolate?

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