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We love it when people come by the High Sabatino test kitchen to attend our Irinox Training Demos, our RATIONAL CookingLive events, or just to stop by to browse and talk food. But we've had many people who have never attended ask us, "Why should we attend a demo?"

Here's our answer:

1) You might learn something.

We can't say enough about the educational value of a High Sabatino foodservice demonstration. From learning new applications for a combi oven to discovering creative uses for a blast chiller, you'll figure out new ways to get the most out of the foodservice equipment you have. But you're not the only ones who learn. We enjoy these demos because we learn new things, too.

2) You'll definitely eat something.

Steamed mussels, farm fresh eggs, berries and fruits, you name it. In order for you to see the capabilities of certain units and to show you new applications for using them, we have to cook stuff. And someone has to eat it.

3) You'll think in more creative ways about new revenue streams.

A big part of learning about new applications is deciding how you can use them to make more money. When you attend a demo or live cooking event at High Sabatino, the focus is on how to maximize the potential of your foodservice operation. Whether you're looking to increase participation in your school cafeteria or expand your menu to generate more revenue, that's what our events are all about.

4) You'll meet some great people.

From Chef Pete Schellenbach at Rational to Chefs Tim Murray and David Ivey-Sot with Irinox to our own staff at High Sabatino, we're all dedicated to helping operators achieve the goals that are most important. Add up all the knowledge, and there's a ton of resources you can leverage to help you mitigate the challenges you face.

5) You'll have fun.

One thing about the people we mentioned above is we all like to have fun. We'd love for you to join us!

Which foodservice demo or cooking event would you like to attend?

RATIONAL CookingLive Event


Irinox Training Demonstration


Or stop by for a tour of our test kitchen for a foodservice equipment assessment.

High Sabatino Foodservice Equipment Assessment