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When you think about a vacuum sealer, you probably think about how it can help to preserve foods, marinate foods, and aid the sous vide cooking process. The truth is, a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer can do much more than that. From marinating chicken to creating the perfect craft cocktail, there are many benefits to a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer.The reason a vacuum sealer can marinate meat so quickly is because the vacuum essentially opens up the pores of the meat and allows the flavors to enter. The same thing happens when you use a vacuum sealer in these other applications: 


Pickled foods can add dimension and flavor to any dish. The pickling process can be time consuming, however. With a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer, you can pickle anything in a matter of seconds. For example, when making fresh pickles in your vacuum sealer, add cucumbers and your favorite pickling recipe to the bag, and pop it into the vacuum sealer. The end result will be delicious, fresh pickles.

Infusing Flavors

Marinating meats and vegetables infuses these foods with unexpected flavors. What if you could do the same thing with items like vodka or ice? Imagine the foods and beverages you could infuse using this technology.

Creating Craft Cocktails

Speaking of infusing beverages, using your vacuum sealer behind the bar can allow your bartenders to create incredible cocktail experiences. Many craft cocktails call for fruit or herb infused spirits. The traditional way to do this can take several days. By using the marinade function on your Henkelman Vacuum Sealer, you can infuse your spirits in a matter of minutes.


Everyone loves good fried food, but the heat used in traditional fryers can be too intense for some foods. The high-pressure environment created by the vacuum sealer allows more delicate foods to be fried without compromising them. For an interesting twist on a vegetable side dish, try vacuum-frying green beans for a different taste and crunchy texture.

Want to learn more about how your Henkelman Commercial Vacuum Sealer can benefit your foodservice operation? Check out the Henkelman Video Library.

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