Henkelman’s HACCP Solution

If you are a chef or foodservice director across the Maryland or Virginia, then you appreciate the value of a HACCP plan. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a systematic preventive approach that reduces risk during the food production process. The design measurements provided in this plan ensure that your final product is fit for consumption.

With this plan, your commercial kitchen is on the way to success and safety. HACCP has, however, been a challenge for most chefs. The Henkelman HACCP solution has changed this concept and made it a bit easier. Let's see why.

Henkelman-Kellerman Consulting's Partnership

Henkelman is a world leader in foodservice, so they've partnered with a leading third-party expert, Kellerman Consulting, who developed a HACCP plan template. Chefs can benchmark on this template to create personalized plans.

The Vacuum Sealing Unit

The Henkelman unit already has a built-in HACCP log that records every cycle. This feature gives you an edge over your compatriots. The vacuum-sealing service provider created a cloud vault that stores all your data. Its drag and drop feature allows you to create your workflows with ease. On this system, you can tailor your plan to meet your specific needs.

Time is of the essence for any chef. The program of Henkelman's HACCP plan allows you to select and automatically populate the workflow – saving loads of time in the process. The support team, on the other hand, is always available to answer any questions you may have as you use their HACCP plan. Food quality and safety are a priority, and Henkelman is mindful of this fact.

Chef-Driven Solution

Rather than turn a deaf ear on the needs of food directors, Henkelman uses their requests to provide the best solutions. The firm gathers information from chefs which they use to inform the solutions they introduce to the market. It is a win-win situation for clients and service provider.

They also work hand-in-hand with foodservice consultants to guarantee the quality of their products. Besides the food-related benefits, you can source data from their program and create audit-ready HACCP plans in no time.

The service provider makes it a point to walk their clients through the whole process. This support boosts confidence and ensures that you don't take misguided guesses as you create your plan. With the Henkelman product, you don't have to worry about the HACCP plan. You can focus more on growing your foodservice operation.

Henkelman states that they have solutions for every step of your workflow – from the impeccable functionality of their equipment to the approval of your HACCP plan. The solution takes you from analyzing your workflow to the actual recording of all logs and charts you will need throughout the process.

Kellerman Consulting

Clients who rely on Kellerman Consulting for their HACCP plans have a seamless time getting approval from health departments. The firm's proven track record has made it a go-to place for any chef keen on guaranteeing their food safety.

Health departments from all 50 states have given their retail HACCP plans the nod. Whether you are looking for a plan for Cook-chill, Sous-vide, or Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Kellerman has got you covered.

Final Word

Modern commercial kitchens continue to rely on advanced technology to optimize their productivity. Besides guaranteeing food safety, HACCP is one chef-driven innovation that is driving success in the foodservice industry.  Get your original Henkelman vacuum-sealing program today and enjoy its benefits. The affordable and usable HACCP plan that comes along this unit is sure to amp up your kitchen operations.

Visit our Henkelman Video Library to learn about growing your foodservice operation with Henkelman’s HACCP solution in your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. commercial kitchen:

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