Copy of Creative Henkelman Video Tips (1)

We have written plenty about the Henkelman Vacuum System in the past. It's the perfect addition to the restaurant that wants to get in to sous vide cooking, or the ideal companion in the bar for mixologists.

Henkelman Vacuum Systems was busy over quarantine whipping up and producing some great videos that we wanted to share with you. We love a good video-blog, and the fact that these recipes and tips are straight from the experts, and delivered in a fun way that you can watch, take notes, and actually see it all in action. These insider's tips will showcase the Henkelman Vacuum System in creative ways, and we hope they encourage you to think outside the box and inside the vacuum sealed bag. 

1. Cocktails To-Go: 

Safely secure your cocktails while holding in the freshness. Find out more, with special guest star Zach Safron!

2. No Waste Kitchens:

The Henkelman CombiVac sealer can be used to vacuum-pack cheeses and ground proteins. You can utilize this function in your kitchen to make sure all trapped air is extracted from your food product and obtain the best shelf life possible.


3. The Herbal Chef Meal Bag:

About year ago, The Herbal Chef developed a vacuum bag that is oven (up to 400°F)/microwave/boiling water safe, as well as blast chilling safe to -25°F. Originally they were looking for a way to be able to deliver meals to athletes and patients (with medical conditions) safely, securely and while holding in the freshness. In order for the bags to work correctly, a chamber vacuum is required. That's why Henkelman Vacuum Systems makes the perfect collaboration with The Herbal Chef. 

4. Mobile Workstation with No Cross Contamination:

You can truly optimize your kitchen's organization when you use the Henkelman Vacuum Sealer with the Trolley. You can optimize the space, create a mobile workstation that is able to fit where it's needed, and ensure that there is no cross contamination.


High Sabatino has many videos available in our Henkelman Video Library. We would love to connect with you and have a discussion on how the Henkelman Vacuum System can fit seamlessly into your foodservice operation. 

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