Perfection is always a goal in almost everything we do. While at times it may be unrealistic, aiming to serve food perfectly, while challenging, is a rewarding endeavor when done correctly. While practice makes perfect, even in the kitchen, it's far from the only thing a chef needs to create the perfect dish. Without foodservice equipment designed to optimize food quality though, perfection is just a dream.

The perfect dessert, for example, is open to interpretation. The goal to serving up that final element to a memorable meal, a sweet finale to your dinner, is to give the guest an unforgettable dessert of the highest quality. With a vacuum sealer, you can do just that.

What Is a Vacuum Sealer?

A vacuum sealer eliminates air from the plastic bags or containers, killing bacteria that need oxygen to survive. Henkelman vacuum sealers are designed to package food products of all shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Some also allow you to marinate some foods.

A Henkelman vacuum packer is a valuable asset for any commercial kitchen as it helps preserve your food's color, flavor, texture, and nutrient content - all essential elements to a perfect dessert. It can help keep large amounts of food fresher for longer. Vacuum sealers also save time and cut down on food waste, leading to more profits. 

Using a Vacuum Sealer to Make Perfect Desserts

As this video from Henkelman shows, the perfect dessert is achievable.

To eliminate human error and achieve consistency and accuracy, Chef Brad Kilgore uses the most modern technology. To make cornmeal cake and kataifi dessert, Brad uses the Rational iCombi Pro to bake the cornmeal cake, which gives the cake a soft brown color on the outside and a creamy texture on the inside. He folds the kataifi with a mixture of water and egg white to hold it together and ensure it remains crisp. He also dusts it with sea salt, cinnamon, and a hint of sugar.

He uses a custom setting that allows him to bake the cornmeal cake and the kataifi at the same time using two different timeframes. Both items were cooked at 335 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity was slightly high to keep the moisture in the cake but, still baked the phyllo until crisp.

Using the Vacuum Sealer to Eliminate Bubbles

To make a smooth fluid gel, everything is hydrated together at the right temperature. Brad used peach puree, sugar, agar-agar, citric acid, and a little sea salt. He set the temperature at 210 degrees Fahrenheit using the probe on the control freak to maintain temperature accuracy. When the fluid gel was adequately hydrated, Brad placed it into the Irinox MultiFresh to cool it as quickly as possible.

Once the gel was set, he blended it until smooth. To get the clearest fluid gel, Brad used the compact function on the standard vacuum packer to remove all the air bubbles. He repeated the process to ensure all the bubbles were out and the sauce was very clear. 

Vacuum Sealer + iCombi Pro is the Perfect Combination for a Smart Kitchen

As you can see, when innovative equipment works together, your commercial kitchen's efficiency is unmatched, and your food quality is near-perfect. A vacuum sealer and combi oven work so well together because of their versatility and quality-driven production.

Freshness from Henkelman

A Henkelman vacuum sealer helps you preserve foods and perform other necessary processes like marination during the preparation and cooking process. The chamber vacuum sealer removes air from the food and provides an airtight seal to keep the food fresh rather than using freezer bags. If you have large quantities of food to pack and preserve, the suction mechanism also makes the food more compact, freeing up most storage space.

The chamber vacuum packers are designed to remove all the air in the food and retain moisture, ensuring all juices stay intact during cooking. They also keep most fruits and vegetables fresh. The suction mechanism allows the marinade to reach your meat faster, locking in bolder flavors. 

Versatility from RATIONAL

On the other hand, Combi ovens are designed to perform different functions using the same unit. With precision control of temperature and humidity, you can bake, cook, roast, steam, fry, and braise using the same unit. 

Due to its high-performance features, the Combi oven allows both skilled and unskilled chefs to produce the same high-quality foods consistently. The innovative features support large kitchen needs by balancing steam and convection cooking qualities to create varied dishes.

Looking to add perfection to your menu? See all the ways Henkelman's vacuum packaging solutions can help chefs deliver the highest quality meals to your guests. Check out the Henkelman Video Library by clicking below.

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