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Procuring the correct ingredients for food is a challenge of 2021.

Food waste is on everyone's mind, as is labor cost and retention. We know a few things about food waste around here, and we also know that being prepared is crucial to staff feeling valued, and not overworked or stressed. As much that can be done in advance, should be. We know that, with the help of the Henkelman Vacuum System, you can prepare food in advance, and have it be the correct portion size- not wasting any valuable profits. 

Keeping produce fresh seems to be a full time job. Why not take advantage of the summer months where it's easy to source, and use the Henkelman to seal in the freshness- far longer than keeping it on a shelf in a cooler would. Using this method can seal in the flavor, while also allowing chefs to plan their meals and ingredients ahead of time, with the correct portion- every time!

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