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Using vacuum bags isn’t only for marinating food or aiding in the sous vide cooking process. There are many different ways foodservice operations can use a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer to get the most out of their ingredients.

But how do you know which type of CombiVac vacuum bag is the right one for your commercial kitchen? The type of food you’re preparing, along with the bag thickness, are important factors in determining which bag you need to use.

Here are some tips from Henkelman to help you pick the right bag for the food you're sealing:

When working with vacuum sealers, the type of bag you use can make or break the meal. Three types of bags you need to be aware of are:

  • 3 mil Bags, which extend the shelf life of the sealed food about two to three times longer, as long as the food is vacuum sealed properly.
  • Cook and Chill Bags are perfect for boiling, regenerating soups, sous vide and steaming because they can take temperatures from -40 Fahrenheit up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in 3-5 mil sizes. 
  • 10k OTR are oxygen-permeable, breathable and best for fresh fish.

And how do you know what width bags you need to use? The seal bar size on your Henkelman vacuum sealer determines the width of the bag. It’s that simple!

Want to learn more about how your Henkelman Commercial Vacuum Sealer can benefit your foodservice operation? Schedule an equipment assessment with High Sabatino. 

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