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Henkelman Lunch and Learn

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High Sabatino Test Kitchen

10545 Guilford Road, Suite 101
Jessup, MD 20794

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"Thank you all for an informative (and delicious) presentation on a piece of equipment that for me, until today, has been a hidden asset to the food service operation of every restaurant."

- Jerry Brady, Foodservice Designs

Vacuum packaging units are great for extending food shelf life, ensuring food quality, and improving food safety. But did you know that the RIGHT Vacuum Packaging unit can do a whole lot more?
Join Henkelman USA and High Sabatino Associates for an upcoming Henkelman Lunch & Learn event. Hosted by Henkelman Chef David Mahan, you'll be introduced firsthand to some of the exciting things that the Henkelman CombiVac can do for today's foodservice operations. 
  • Infusing flavors into meats
  • High speed wet aging and tenderizing of meats
  • High speed marinating of meats, seafood, and vegetables
  • Infusing flavors into fruits and vegetables for cocktails
  • High speed pickling
  • Reconstituting leftover whipped cream back into whipping cream
  • And much more!

Food will be provided for registrants.

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