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The Preakness is the second race in the Triple Crown trilogy. Preakness Day in Maryland is a sight that people from all over the country will come to see. Whether you’re watching the race live or hosting a Preakness Party, these five foods and beverages are must haves.  


No matter if it's crab cakes, cream of crab soup, crab dip, or crab flavored chips, crab should be a part of your food menu. This is Maryland we're talking about, so could you expect any less? You can try your hand at a personal recipe, or if you want to keep it classic, Fine Cooking has a great recipe for Traditional Maryland Crab Cakes.


Chesapeake Oysters, though not as popular as crabs, have become a Maryland tradition. They should be served raw and over ice with a lemon wedge, horseradish and cocktail sauce. 


It wouldn’t be a celebration without cake! What better way to represent Maryland than with the official state dessert, Smith Island Cake. This decadent cake is composed of eight layers of buttery yellow cake and fudgy chocolate icing.


Old Bay is a Maryland tradition that not many outsiders understand. It can be used almost anywhere. From seafood, soup, or a rim around your Bloody Mary, Old Bay will find its way to your taste buds on Preakness Day.


Named after the Maryland state flower, the Black-Eyed Susan is the official cocktail of the Preakness. This delicious beverage consists of Maker’s Mark, DeKuyper Peachtree, Effen vodka, orange juice, and sours mix. To top it off, garnish it with an orange slice and a cherry.

Outside of your home and in a commercial kitchen, the one piece of equipment that can do it all from the crabs to the cake, is the Rational Self Cooking Center. Watch the video below to learn more. Then let us show you more in person.


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