Introducing the Latest in Cooking Control, RATIONAL's iVario Pro

When we introduced the VarioCookingCenter® a few months ago, we had no idea how much better it was going to get. When you have a unit that's so incredibly versatile and then add a layer of control unrivaled in any commercial kitchen solution, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Where RATIONAL's iVario Pro truly stands out is its ability to do just about anything in the kitchen. While it looks like a tilting skillet, the iVario Pro can do so much more. It can boil, fry, deep-fry, and pressure cook. It's built for speed, precision, intelligence, and ultimately, savings for operators.


BSI Solutions for Restaurants Opening After a Pandemic

During challenging times, the foodservice industry is in need of quick solutions like never before. Reopening can feel a little overwhelming and stressful, and adjusting to new guidelines might leave you with a little bit of a headache. However, don't fret. We've got the solutions you're in need of. While the world is facing a pandemic and trying to balance safety with a sense of normalcy, Denver-based BSI is hard at work developing and crafting new products specifically adjusted to help ensure you're able to continue serving the public, while promoting the health and well-being of your consumers (as well as your hired team.)