Making a Bar and Beverage Program Profitable: What To Know

Are you trying to build a successful bar or beverage program? If so, there are several important components you need to include in order to separate yourself from the competition, maintain the quality of your products, and make a good impression on your customers.


Get to Know Your Craft Beer (Delivery Systems)

Craft beers have undergone a huge renaissance in the last couple of decades, capturing a larger and larger share of the market in the process. While the growth of craft beers has tapered off slightly in recent years, there is still plenty to be optimistic about.


6 Ways to Replace, Refresh and Reinvent Your School Cafeteria with Remaining 2018-19 Funds

There are two likely scenarios this time of year. The first one is a school nutrition director sits down to review the 2018-19 budget and realizes there's a surplus. The second and more common option is to conclude, "We have to figure out how to save more next year."

Both scenarios lend themselves to replacing, refreshing, or reinventing your school cafeteria, and here are eight ways to do it.


A Brief Look at Refrigeration Issues in School Kitchens

Storing food at proper temperatures is critical to serving safe and nutritious meals in schools. And with more and more school systems looking to increase participation with fresher, tastier, less processed foods, refrigeration is a key component to successful school food service.


Two Pieces of Foodservice Equipment Every School Nutrition Program Should Have

School nutrition programs across Maryland, Virginia, and the metro Washington, D.C. area have many considerations when it comes to foodservice equipment. Any given unit in a school kitchen needs to be versatile, durable, efficient, and provide the greatest benefit within a given space. And let's be honest, that space is usually limited.

So what are two essential pieces of foodservice equipment that every school nutrition program should consider?


High Sabatino and Continental Refrigerator: Innovative Designs for Your Foodservice Needs


If you're in the DC area, Maryland, or Virginia, High Sabatino is dedicated to providing all your foodservice equipment needs. So when we have an opportunity to work with a manufacturer with the same goals, we're happy to represent their equipment. Continental Refrigerator is certainly one of those manufacturers.
Though Continental is known for the refrigeration, their product line includes more than 2,000 different models ranging from their top-of-the-line refrigerators and freezers to warming cabinets and refrigerated prep tables. Continental offers the following lines: