Efficient Cooking Made Easy with ENERGY STAR Certified RATIONAL Ovens

Serving excellent food while still maintaining costs is always a concern of foodservice operations. How can high-quality ingredients be purchased while still maintaining margins to help bring in profits? How can labor challenges become operational efficiencies? How can operations consume less energy?

One simple way to help control costs is by using equipment that is ENERGY STAR® rated. Combined with the expertise from RATIONAL ovens, it's a recipe for success in the commercial kitchen.


Start Building the Commercial Kitchen of the Future

Commercial and institutional kitchens are changing. A combination of foodservice industry trends coupled with foodservice equipment innovations is speeding up these changes like never before. For example, the current labor shortage is forcing operators to consider automation, robotics, and smart kitchens as a way to run more efficiently and profitably.


Benefits of Using Combi Ovens in Your Ghost Kitchen

In a highly competitive industry such as food service, the cost of running a restaurant can get too expensive to realize any profits. This has led to many restaurant entrepreneurs finding ways of lessening costs without sacrificing quality. One way of doing this that has proven successful is by opening what are known as ghost kitchens.