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Chef Tommy's Sous Vide New York Strip Steak


Chef Tommy is back in the Jessup Maryland test kitchen, and has been experimenting with some pretty amazing recipes. He said that our last post on summer sous vide recipes inspired his creativity, and he wanted to create something complex and full of flavors that would really benefit from a sous vide method, while pairing it with the RATIONAL iCombi Pro, and the iVario Pro.


Here's What We Did to Improve in This Crazy Year

What are you going to say in 10 or 15 years when people ask you these questions...


Here's What Else You Can Do With A Henkelman Vacuum System


We have written plenty about the Henkelman Vacuum System in the past. It's the perfect addition to the restaurant that wants to get in to sous vide cooking, or the ideal companion in the bar for mixologists.


BSI Solutions for Restaurants Opening After a Pandemic

During challenging times, the foodservice industry is in need of quick solutions like never before. Reopening can feel a little overwhelming and stressful, and adjusting to new guidelines might leave you with a little bit of a headache. However, don't fret. We've got the solutions you're in need of. While the world is facing a pandemic and trying to balance safety with a sense of normalcy, Denver-based BSI is hard at work developing and crafting new products specifically adjusted to help ensure you're able to continue serving the public, while promoting the health and well-being of your consumers (as well as your hired team.)


Summer Sous Vide Cooking with Henkelman Vacuum Sealers

As the weather warms up and the days get hotter and longer, the desire to stand and babysit a meal cooked over the stovetop goes down the drain. Sous vide cooking can and will be the game-changer that your industrial kitchen needs, and is guaranteed to result in happier guests (because it's delicious) and happier staff (because it's less labor intensive.) The Henkelman Vacuum Sealer is the perfect item to achieve this rare and sought-after cooking method.


Meet the Newest Sibling in the Vitamix Family: The Quiet One Twist Lock

There’s nothing worse than visiting your favorite local coffee shop or speciality smoothie location, and having to pause your conversation because of the loud blender that is used in their kitchen. It’s irritating to customers (we’ve all experienced it!) and it can also hinder the effectiveness and customer service of staff members too. As we know, Vitamix is the industry leader in commercial blenders, and their ingenuity went to work yet again and developed a brand new addition to their commercial The Quiet One line- now available with a Twist Lock sound enclosure!


Stay Safe From Coronavirus with MEIKO Technology

Foodservice operators want to re-open as soon as possible, and feel as “normal” as possible during the second half of 2020. Guests and customers want that too, but they need to feel safe when going out to eat, and trust that the foodservice staff are taking every necessary precaution to ensure that safety.

But the fact of the matter is that we’re still living in a pandemic. Adjusting to that culture and climate has proven to be like a roller coaster. Not many industries have been impacted quite as hard as the foodservice industry. Re-opening and operating restaurants, cafeterias, and other commercial kitchens can be done safely with proper solutions in place.


5 Things to Know When Specifying a Bally Refrigerated Box

Not all refrigerated walk-ins are the same. And when it comes to choosing the right combination of features for your refrigerated walk-in cooler or freezer, it may seem overwhelming. Am I getting the right size? Is the refrigeration equipment efficient enough? What about the look of it? Will it stick out like a sore thumb, or can I get a custom look and feel to match my commercial kitchen's aesthetic?

If you've ever asked a question like this, you're not alone! At High Sabatino, we have decades of experience helping to specify refrigerated walk-ins like a Bally refrigerated box for our customers, and along the way, we've heard enough similar questions that we wanted to help answer them in one place.


How Pizza Places Suddenly Became an Industry Leader

Pizza has always been a popular choice amongst those looking for a quick, affordable, last-minute dinner. However, during the recent indoor dining closures, pizzerias became a role model for restaurants looking to survive. Practically overnight, they became leaders in a restaurant industry devastated by COVID-19 closures, in large part because of their ability to provide carryout and delivery services.


The Benefits of Cooking With Convection Steamers

One thing about running a foodservice operation is that change is inevitable. There will always be a new appliance on the market that offers better solutions for cooking, cleaning, and simply operating. The trick is to pinpoint the ones that will directly increase your operation's productivity while lowering costs and optimizing service. That's why we want to talk about cooking with steam.