RATIONAL and Henkelman Receive Kitchen Innovation Awards from the National Restaurant Association

The Kitchen Innovation Awards, initiated in 2005 by the National Restaurant Association, celebrate revolutionary advancements in the foodservice and restaurant industries. These accolades represent a benchmark for pioneering achievements that enhance operational efficiencies, safety, and sustainability in commercial and institutional kitchens. Each year, the awards spotlight technologies that significantly impact the foodservice landscape, driving growth and improving operational practices across the board.

Yes, the awards are a big deal, and that's why we're pleased to announce that two of our culinary-focused solutions here at High Sabatino received a KI Award in 2024.

Kitchen Innovation Awards Criteria for Selection

Before we talk about who and what, though, let's talk about why and how. The selection process for the Kitchen Innovation Awards is meticulous and governed by an independent panel of judges comprising experts from various facets of the foodservice industry. These judges include senior designers, managers, and executives from notable foodservice brands and organizations. The criteria for selection are rigorously defined, focusing on several key factors:

Innovation: The most important factor is the equipment's innovative nature, which must introduce new functionalities or substantially improve existing processes.

Value to Users: The technology must offer significant benefits, such as cost savings, enhanced safety, improved efficiency, or environmental sustainability.

Impact: The potential impact of the innovation on the industry is considered, assessing how the technology can transform kitchen operations or address pressing challenges in the foodservice sector.

These standards ensure that the awards highlight not only the most advanced equipment but also practical and beneficial solutions that can be widely adopted in the industry.

Henkelman's Winning Innovation: AURA


Henkelman's AURA vacuum-packaging system stands out in the market for its advanced technology and user-friendly interface. Unlike conventional systems with limited control options, the AURA features a full-color H-Touch control panel. This innovative display showcases images of various food categories, allowing users to simply tap the desired image. Upon selection, the AURA automatically initiates one of the numerous predefined cycles, adjusting the necessary functions to ensure optimal packaging conditions.

Rational's Winning Innovation: iCareSystem AutoDose

icombi-pro-1011e-autodose-empty-open-front-swooshes-fix725x370RATIONAL’s iCareSystem AutoDose is engineered to simplify the cleaning process while ensuring optimal hygiene and equipment longevity. Unlike traditional methods that may rely on manual intervention and can be prone to human error, the iCareSystem AutoDose utilizes solid cleaner and solid de-liming cartridges, which are not only recyclable but also housed within the combi oven itself. This innovative approach ensures precise dosing, automatically adjusted by the system’s software based on the oven’s usage and cleaning needs.

Learn more about these innovations and more from an expert at High Sabatino:

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