commercial kitchen of the future

Commercial and institutional kitchens are changing. A combination of foodservice industry trends coupled with foodservice equipment innovations is speeding up these changes like never before. For example, the current labor shortage is forcing operators to consider automation, robotics, and smart kitchens as a way to run more efficiently and profitably.

As we will see at trade shows like The NAFEM Show and the National Restaurant Association Show later in the year, foodservice equipment has come a long way in just a few short years. Here are a few examples of how you can begin to build the kitchen of the future -- today.

Smart cooking -- using a lot of different methods.

RATIONAL is always at the forefront of innovation. As the inventors of combi oven technology, they've pioneered cooking methods that are mainstays in today's commercial kitchens. But it doesn't stop there. With their newest innovations like the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro, RATIONAL continues to power change in commercial and institutional kitchens.

The iVario Pro looks like a skillet, but it's much more than that. This comprehensive unit can boil, pan fry, deep fry, pressure cook, and more. It's a performance-class piece of equipment that can transform an operation. The iCombi Pro was released around the same time as the iVario Pro, and it's often described as having another chef in the kitchen. It learns methods and preferences, helps operators plan, pays attention, and adjusts. It's like having another employee but it is more consistent.

Prepare in advance.

One way to help mitigate labor challenges is to prepare in advance. The Henkleman Combivac allows operators to prepare menu items in advance, so they're ready during the busy rush. Ingredients can be sealed in an airtight environment for portioned use, and they can also be used for sous vide-style cooking. Finally, Combivac will contribute to portion control and storage to help reduce food waste.

Prepare in advance, part two.

When paired with top-line vacuum seal technology, blast chilling and shock freezing are the next steps in food prep and food waste reduction. It's literally in the name. The MultiFresh Next from Irinox delivers enhanced capabilities from the top name in freezing and chilling. These are the most powerful units on the market, expressing revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of customization, sustainability, power and innovation.

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