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When we first learned about RATIONAL's latest innovations in the iVario and the iCombi Pro, the first question we asked ourselves was, "When did Apple buy RATIONAL?" Once we began to review what these two units were all about, though, the question quickly became, "What more could you need?"

With the iVario and iCombi Pro, RATIONAL has provided two turnkey solutions that can pretty much provide everything short of fire. Let's take a closer look at both units.

RATIONAL iVario Pro - The New Performance Class

It looks like a skillet, but it's a lot more than a skillet. When you add the iVario Pro to your lineup, you can boil, pan fry, deep fry, pressure cook, and, yes, you can use it as a skillet (but a highly advanced one). This all-in-one unit can practically replace all your other conventional foodservice equipment.


The iVario Pro uses a new heating technology that learns what you're doing, supports the process, and helps you plan ahead. It's the perfect blend between performance and precision, and it can deliver results in a quarter of the time as other, conventional appliances. Looking for one more benefit? How about using up to 40 percent less energy and saving valuable kitchen real estate.

The iVarioPro is the unit that delivers amazing quality and variety without all the time-consuming attention that checking and monitoring can require.

RATIONAL iCombi Pro - The New Gold Standard

Similar to the iVario Pro in two important ways, the iCombi Pro is the second unit in RATIONAL's amazing 2020 lineup. How are they similar? Well, they're both new, and they're both smart.

The iCombi Pro also learns from you and can help you plan ahead. It doesn't forget anything. It pays attention. It adjusts. It's like having that everyday, perfect employee, only it's more consistent. Once the iCombi Pro knows what you're trying to accomplish, it will react dynamically to your needs by automatically adjusting humidity, air speed, and temperature.

If you're looking for a unit that frees you up without losing peace of mind, the iCombi Pro is that unit.

Want to see these two amazing units in person? Attend a RATIONAL MORE event.

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