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Tips for Selecting the Right Foodservice Display Case

How you display your food products is essential. Much like the frame on a fine painting, the way you show your items can bring people in and even help increase the perceived value and price point. It can increase the likelihood of impulse purchases. And, ultimately, the right foodservice display case can help turn food into fortune.


[New Line Announcement] Commercial Cooking Equipment from Imperial

As a restaurant owner or manager of a food service business, you want the best equipment possible in your commercial kitchen. You know that it's always best to invest in high-quality equipment that offers durability and longevity. Whether you're looking to upgrade kitchen equipment or replace broken items, you might consider commercial cooking equipment from Imperial, a new product line available through High Sabatino.


[New Line Announcement] Enofrigo Wine Storage Solutions

A good wine program can often be one of the most profitable aspects of any restaurant. That's why it's important to make sure wine is stored in the proper conditions while also merchandising it as a high-end option. With wine storage solutions from Enofrigo, it can help an operation increase the profitability of a wine program.


A Brief History of American Beer

Did you know the Native Americans were brewing beer long before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth? With corn and rice as ingredients, the beer was light, as low as 1ABV. Yeah, back then, even a 1% ABV was a great beer.


Proper Storage & Portion Control with Henkelman

Procuring the correct ingredients for food is a challenge of 2021.

Food waste is on everyone's mind, as is labor cost and retention. We know a few things about food waste around here, and we also know that being prepared is crucial to staff feeling valued, and not overworked or stressed. As much that can be done in advance, should be. We know that, with the help of the Henkelman Vacuum System, you can prepare food in advance, and have it be the correct portion size- not wasting any valuable profits. 


5 Reasons to Attend a RATIONAL CookingLive Demo at High Sabatino

We love it when people come by the High Sabatino test kitchen to spend time with our team of experts including our executive chef, Tommy Abbott. We also know how important your time is, and we certainly don't want anyone wasting it. That's why we make our in-house demonstrations as fun and educational as possible.


What MORE Could You Possibly Need in Your Kitchen?

When we first learned about RATIONAL's latest innovations in the iVario and the iCombi Pro, the first question we asked ourselves was, "When did Apple buy RATIONAL?" Once we began to review what these two units were all about, though, the question quickly became, "What more could you need?"


Introducing the Latest in Cooking Control, RATIONAL's iVario Pro

When we introduced the VarioCookingCenter® a few months ago, we had no idea how much better it was going to get. When you have a unit that's so incredibly versatile and then add a layer of control unrivaled in any commercial kitchen solution, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Where RATIONAL's iVario Pro truly stands out is its ability to do just about anything in the kitchen. While it looks like a tilting skillet, the iVario Pro can do so much more. It can boil, fry, deep-fry, and pressure cook. It's built for speed, precision, intelligence, and ultimately, savings for operators.


Free Training from Rational in your School, College, or University

Purchasing a RATIONAL Combi Oven from High Sabatino includes more than the equipment. We want to help you navigate all the "how to's" that may arise in your very own kitchen, and free staff training and resources are available for clients once the equipment has been shipped and installed, so that they can get the most out of their new Combi Oven. 


University of Maryland Dining Services Takes the "Cool Food" Pledge

To begin with, we'd like to say congratulations to the University of Maryland Dining Services, for being a stepping stone in leadership! By joining the 'cool food' movement, the university is the first university in the world to join the 'Cool Food Pledge.' As they are making this transition, they're not only offering more options to the students and staff on campus, but they're helping fight climate change! The pledge brings new opportunities that help lower greenhouse gas emissions, provide healthier diets, and allows for everyone to get involved.