What Did You Miss at Our PizzaMaster Master Class

PizzaMaster is one of the revolutionary lines in the pizza industry, and we were happy to share our knowledge of their units at a recent PizzaMaster Master Class. Because all of their ovens are powered by electricity, they stand at the forefront of the future of pizza as more locations shift to electricity over gas.

We were joined by master pizza chef, Lee Hunzinger, who shared his knowledge of pizza, other menu items, and the benefits of electric pizza ovens from PizzaMaster. A native of Deer Park, New York, and a lifetime pizza industry expert, his restaurants have received numerous accolades over the years. If you don't believe Chef Lee likes pizza, would it change your mind if we told you he has a dog named Brooklyn?

One of the benefits of PizzaMaster ovens, though, is they can be used for much more than making great pizza. Check out this video series detailing Chef Lee's step-by-step process for baking sesame sub rolls.

Step 1:

After the bread is proofed, move it to a table to begin preparation.

Step 2:

Add egg wash, sesame seeds, and score the top of the bread.

Step 3:

Using a peel, carefully move the bread to the PizzaMaster oven and bake.

As you can see, it's very easy to use a PizzaMaster to create superior, high-quality sub and hoagie rolls in an electric pizza oven. At High Sabatino, we recommend the PizzaMaster electric deck oven. As the largest electric deck oven range globally, it offers 85 different sizes and over 1,500 configuration options. Whether you need an oven for artisan pizza or high-temperature baking, PizzaMaster provides a versatile and reliable solution.

As pizzeria operators know, the most crucial equipment for producing high-quality pizza in large quantities is the oven. Key considerations include how hot the oven can get, how the heat is distributed, the number of pies it can bake per hour, and its power source. These factors are essential to evaluate when selecting an oven.

High Sabatino PizzaMaster Master Class

The Benefits of PizzaMaster Ovens

PizzaMaster ovens stand out for their superior recovery heat, achieved through high-wattage elements strategically placed for faster, consistent baking. Known for their versatility, these ovens offer infinite settings and can reach temperatures up to 932°F, accommodating various pizza styles. Exceptional insulation enhances energy efficiency, and they outperform gas deck ovens in cost and performance. With a range of models available, PizzaMaster provides tailored solutions for both new kitchens and retrofits.

Learn more about PizzaMaster or schedule a free pizza consultation today to try out one of their units in our test kitchen.

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