Making a Bar and Beverage Program Profitable What To Know

Are you trying to build a successful bar or beverage program? If so, there are several important components you need to include in order to separate yourself from the competition, maintain the quality of your products, and make a good impression on your customers.

From the keg to the tap, no successful bar, brewery, or restaurant should be without these essential pieces of equipment.

Keg Racks

A draft beer program's success hinges on what the customer can't see - your kegs. The organization of kegs is vital, and keg racks can be the difference between a long wait for a keg change and a seamless changeover. Proper keg storage keeps coolers clear to navigate around, accessing whatever the operator needs quickly and easily.

If you are looking for the best keg racks in the industry, then take a closer look at the options from Eagle Group. When you try to find keg racks, you need to find options that can resist corrosion, withstand tremendous amounts of stress, and are customizable to meet your needs.

One of the standout features of the keg racks from Eagle Group is their durability. They can stand up to the weight of multiple kegs without buckling, helping you protect your product. 

Walk-in Coolers

Your beverage inventory, whether large or small, needs to be stored properly. If you're storing kegs or cases, walk-in coolers should not only be able to house your beer and beverage inventory but hold it all at efficient temperatures. When you are looking for beer coolers, you should find a system that is reliable, cost-efficient, and sustainable.

The temperature of your cooler needs to stay consistent and not act as an energy hog or fall victim to a wasteful design. If you want to find cost-effective, sustainable coolers, then you should take a look at the Bally walk-in refrigeration solutions that are designed to keep operating costs down.

Back Bar Refrigeration

Back bar refrigeration should not only help improve the efficiency of the bartender by keeping important beverages and ingredients close to the bar itself, but it should also, in some cases, put your highly popular items on display with glass doors. Back bar refrigeration prevents the long walk for a bartender to the cooler, losing out on potential sales and keeping the orders flowing.

No two bars are alike, and your back bar refrigeration should reflect your available space, not the other way around. Thankfully, Continental Refrigerator manufactures refrigeration solutions for bars both large and small that feature a low-profile design that doesn't get in the way of your busy bartenders.

Draft System & Taps

Your beer system can be the difference between pouring profits into glasses, or pouring profits down the drain. An efficient beer draft system helps you dispense drinks quickly with a consistent pour each time. Large beer menus have different beer styles, and not all of these should pour at the same temperature. Pilsners and stouts should be treated differently, so a beer system that chills to the perfect temperature upon the pour is incredibly important.

Canadian Beverage Supply is the go-to resource for every component of your draft beer system. From beer towers for large volume beer programs to custom tap handles to match your brand's story. CBS offers beer dispensing solutions that focus on delivering a high-quality pour every time.

Wine Refrigeration

We've talked a lot about beer, but what about wine? It can be a highly profitable area of your bar and beverage program that operators can show off with the right refrigeration system. Placing your most profitable wines on display in your bar or dining room will keep this area of your beverage menu constantly in focus.

Enofrigo builds solutions that do just that. With a reputation for providing reliable, consistent, cutting edge technology that can help you save time, space, and money, Enofrigo systems preserve your wine, protect its quality, and keep your customers happy.

Rely on High Sabatino’s Beverage-Focused Brands To Help You

As with a commercial kitchen, a bar only succeeds if every element works together cohesively. High Sabatino is here to help identify opportunities to improve areas of your existing bar and beverage program, or help you start a new one from the ground up with the latest innovative beverage equipment. Whether you sell craft beer, wine, liquor, or a combination of all of the above, our proven set of beverage solutions are designed to make your pours more profitable.

Looking for ways to grow your bar's potential? Sign up for a free, personalized Bar and Beverage Consultation today.

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