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As we wind down from NAFEM and gear up toward the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show, we decided to take a collective look at all the lines we represent here at High Sabatino.

Why do we represent kitchen innovation winners? We make a concerted effort to bring only top-of-the-line solutions to our customers, but so often in business, that sometimes just feels like lip service. When we actually stepped back to see this year's Kitchen Innovation Award winners, though, we realized we are bringing you innovative solutions. We are achieving our goals of bringing you the right kinds of solutions.

Here are some of this year's NRA Kitchen Innovation Award winners.


With the XS Model 6 2/3, RATIONAL manages to get all of the advanced features of its full-size SelfCookingCenter® combis into a package that’s roughly 60% smaller. At only 21 ¾” deep, 25 ¾” wide, and 22 ¼” high, this is the only combi this compact that even offers its own steam generator.

This is the 8th time in the last 13 years that Rational has won a KI Award. 


Until now, induction cooking in North America operated at a frequency that worked only with ferrous pans. No more. Panasonic’s Met-ALL works with any kind of pan, whether iron, steel, copper, aluminum or other, automatically sensing the metal and adjusting its magnetic frequency accordingly. A real game changer for induction.


Finally, an undercounter hot-water sanitizing glasswasher that boasts an integrated reverse-osmosis filtration system. The R-O system removes the water impurities that cause spotting, eliminating the need for hand polishing. ENERGY STAR® listed, the model uses just 0.61 gals./rack.  An illuminated door handle glows blue for ready, green for washing and red for messages.


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