Setting the standards in university dining is a collaborative effort. Back in 2012, High Sabatino worked closely with a foodservice design consultant and BSI to help create Virginia Tech's premier campus dining hall, and the facility is still going strong today.

When you walk into Turner Place at Lavery Hall on the Virginia Tech campus, you realize in an instant that this isn't your parents' college dining hall. Sleek, light, and open, the Turner Place facility is state-of-the-art with glass walls, grand entrances, and seating arrangements created to promote community and Hokie Tradition.

Nothing was designed by accident. From the food shield guards to flexible counter system and serving counters, every piece of equipment was designed to suit a certain purpose or create a certain atmosphere, and when the facility opened in, it received rave reviews from numerous national publications. Even Yelp! reviews are positive:

"Turner Place is an impressive food court that contains a diverse mix of local, regional, and national restaurants: Atomic Pizzeria, Jamba Juice, 1872 Fire Grill, Qdoba, Origami, Soup Garden, Dolci e Caffe, and Bruegger's Bagels. The interior is an airy, aesthetically pleasing, modern mix of wood, metal, glass, and other materials. Outdoor seating is plentiful and well thought out. This is a huge upgrade for Blacksburg and especially for the north corner of campus, another feather in the cap of Virginia Tech's outstanding tradition of food service. There are few other universities where you can say that you'd rather eat on-campus than off."

High Sabatino is very proud of the work that our factories do on behalf of our clients and are always excited if we can participate in the process. We are a third generation rep group that knows and understands how foodservice equipment can be successfully integrated in college and university settings.

In the case of Turner Place, we worked with a foodservice design consultant and BSI to custom design and build anything from counters to breath guards to the millwork, which all contributed to the safety, food quality, and aesthetics of the facility. Turner Place is quite possibly the only on-campus dining hall in the country to receive a 5-star rating on Yelp!

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