Caddy Architectural Designer Hoods Offer Both Quality and Eye-Catching Design

Watching a culinary master turn ordinary ingredients into a work of gourmet art is an increasingly popular and satisfying experience. Talented chefs love to show off their skills delighting eager diners.

The open kitchen concept has become a symbol of finer dining and quality service. Because of this, the equipment used by creative cooks must be as efficient as it is pleasing to the eye. Caddy Architectural Designer Hoods offers the best in both ventilation and style.

Smart Ventilation

One of the biggest challenges to running a productive kitchen is making sure the ventilation system functions as it should. Controlling food odors and minimizing smoke while cooking is as important as preparing a great meal. Every kitchen has its own individual needs and depends on the proper exhaust volume for the types of equipment used. 

Commercial ventilation systems act as a filter for contaminants including carbon monoxide and grease. They remove heat from the room and are manufactured to boost fresh airflow creating a more comfortable environment for both workers and diners. Proper ventilation reduces HVAC costs and minimizes fire hazards. Most municipalities have their own strict codes regulating commercial ventilation systems.

Caddy Corporation is a leader in UV technology and state-of-the-art ventilation technology. They offer custom-designed exhaust hoods including the Smart Hood which features the benefit of a variable air volume control for the optimum in energy savings. But efficiency doesn't have to be ugly. Caddy's designer hoods add pizzazz and style to your kitchen even as they work hard for you.

Custom Design

Caddy's custom hoods turn your cooking area into an aesthetically pleasing showpiece for your front-of-the-house kitchen. Their expert design team can turn even the most ordinary hood model into a decorative yet functional work of art. They offer a comprehensive selection of custom finishes and architectural designs as well as numerous lighting options. 

Caddy is happy to work with you to help you imagine and create your own design concepts and ideas. Every exhaust hood is engineered and handcrafted to specification with no detail left out. Hoods are UVC-ready with LED custom programmable lighting. The architectural hoods are also available in energy-saving designs with a low air volume system and demand control ventilation.

There are thousands of designs to choose from to fit your own personal and unique style. From mirrored copper hoods with matching lighting to cool specialty glass hoods, you are sure to find the perfect system for your business. Caddy's goes the extra mile to offer quality units made to showcase your kitchen and cooking stations.

Quality Features

Caddy Architectural Designer hoods offer the best of both worlds integrating beauty with utility. Some of our quality features include baffle and cartridge filters as well as custom plenums with matching UDS and flashing. Our systems can be upgraded from one system to another and easily installed on both a wall or island kitchen set-up. All our architectural hoods are ETL listed and engineered for performance.

Our huge choice of decorative finishes includes a variety of colors and textures from white gloss to weathered copper. Our full-service concept rendering guarantees your completed project will turn out just like you dreamed it would. Whether you want to redesign your current hood or introduce a new concept, Caddy is the right choice to meet your needs.

Ready to learn more about Caddy's Architectural Hoods? Schedule some time with us today, and we'll help you optimize your display kitchen ventilation.

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