Candian Beverage Supply

If you're running a commercial kitchen or restaurant in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area, you're already familiar with, and buying from High Sabatino. We take pride in offering the best brands for our business partners to find success and grow their companies. For that reason, we're always looking for new manufacturers to represent that share our values for quality and flexibility.

We've recently discovered a new manufacturer to collaborate with to bring you top-notch kitchen equipment. It's with great pride and excitement that High Sabatino introduces a new line from Canadian Beverage Supply. 

Who Is Canadian Beverage Supply?


This company leads its local Canadian market with its innovative line of equipment for commercial establishments. If you need to pour it for your customers, this manufacturer has a solution from beer to coffee and milk. With more than 23 years of experience, this company works closely with end-users to ensure that the client gets the best beverage system.

Doug Sutton is the founder and current president of the Canadian Beverage Supply. This company takes pride in the outstanding customer service that it offers to each of its customers. They only manufacture high-quality products and work with partners that believe in their commitment to excellence and customer service principles.

What Products Does Canadian Beverage Supply Offer?

If you need to pour wine, beer, coffee, or other drinks for your clients, Canadian Beverage Supply offers a solution. Its products are innovative, and they constantly update designs and create new ways of pouring beverages for your foodservice establishment. Here are a few of their most popular lines:


If your business has its own brand of coffee or beer, you want the pouring mechanism to reflect your brand name. You can choose a branded medallion or a branded tap handle that captures your customer's attention and subtly encourages them to favor and remember your brand. They also offer branded coffee towers with your brand on them. These large towers are easily noticed and remembered.


Does your business offer wine tasting or a wine bar? Canadian Beverage Supply offers everything your business needs to keep the wine flowing. You can purchase a wine keg refrigerator to keep it at the perfect temperature or wine regulators and tubing to ensure it flows properly. To keep your equipment clean, there is a line of wine cleaning chemicals, specially formulated for the acidity and residue created from wine. This keeps your wine tasting fresher and cleaner to increase the likelihood of return customers.

Cold Coffee

If you run a coffee shop or a hotel cafe, you need a way to easily pour coffee as customers line up for their morning cup of Joe. Cold coffee is the latest trend in coffee, and on hot days, you can find yourself with more customers than you can quickly serve. Canadian Beverage Supply has kegs that you can fill with your own special brew. You can order a "kegerator" to keep the coffee cool and easily add it to a cup of ice. They also offer taps and towers designed specially to work with cold coffee.

Draught Beer

Do you offer draft beer? There's a whole line to make dispensing a cold brew to your customers easier. Canadian Beverage Supply offers a special line to take your kegs outside and keep them cool during special events. From taps to towers and refrigeration for kegs, this company has everything you need at the quality you deserve.

Ready to learn more about how the solutions from Canadian Beverage Supply can help your bar and beverage program keep the profits pouring? Get your free Bar and Beverage Consultation by clicking below.

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