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As a restaurant owner or manager of a food service business, you want the best equipment possible in your commercial kitchen. You know that it's always best to invest in high-quality equipment that offers durability and longevity. Whether you're looking to upgrade kitchen equipment or replace broken items, you might consider commercial cooking equipment from Imperial, a new product line available through High Sabatino.

Who Is Imperial?

imperial logoIn 1957, Peter Spenuzza Sr. began Imperial that remains a family-owned and operated business to this day. He created a single piece of commercial cooking equipment called the "Glowing Devil," which he sold to steak houses in the Los Angeles area.

Over the more than 70 years of history, Imperial has dedicated itself to engineering and research. The company has a commitment to designing, building, and testing outstanding commercial cooking equipment.

Imperial has committed itself in the past 30 years or more to automation in its manufacturing practices. This automation helps to create efficiencies in the manufacturing process and to provide you with the quality you can rely on.

What Product Lines Does Imperial Offer?


Since 1957, the Imperial product line has grown from a single Glowing Devil to a variety of options. Here's a look at the product lines offered for commercial cooking:

Gas Spec Series

With European styling and a sleek design, the Gas Spec Series offers a variety of cooktops with or without a range. The use of natural gas allows your chef to control the heat. Built with stainless steel, this commercial cooking equipment provides durability.

Gas Pro Series

The cast iron burners make it easy to slide pans from one area to the next and the ring of flame provides heating for pans of any size. The oven portion can be a convection oven or provection version with natural gas as its heat source.

Gas Fryers and Filter Systems

With accurate temperature controls, you can use one of the Imperial gas fryers to whip up a batch of fried chicken. The sleek stainless steel design helps it blend seamlessly into your commercial kitchen and offers a durable construction.

Gas Broiler

Sear steaks and pork chops to perfection and keep the juices inside with a gas broiler. This gas broiler is ideal for a commercial kitchen with limited space and fits easily into an unused area with its heat-containing stainless steel construction.

Gas Specialty Equipment

If your menu is a little more exotic than a steakhouse, you might benefit from specialty equipment. Your options include:

  • Teppan Kakl
  • Chinese Range
  • Tempora Wok Range

All made with stainless steel sides, ledges, and front with gas powering the heat for better control.

Gas Countertop

When space is at a premium, you might opt to add a gas countertop that is controlled manually or by a thermostat. It offers the option of burners or a griddle top. It's a great addition to a restaurant that needs additional cooktop space without a range.

Electric Pro Series

With cast aluminum knobs and a wide radius high shelf and front ledge, the commercial cooking equipment in this line offer elegance and efficiency. This range comes in five sizes to make the most of your available space, and it also offers concise temperature control.

Electric Spec Series

Running on electricity instead of gas, this commercial cooking equipment comes in a variety of options, such as:

  • Restaurant Range
  • Griddles
  • Range Match Broilers
  • Stock Pot Ranges
  • Hot Plates
  • Convection Oven
  • Half-Size Convection Oven
  • Fryers and Filter Systems
The stainless steel casing offers top quality.

Learn more about the diverse product offering from Imperial. Schedule an equipment assessment with High Sabatino today.

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