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When you boil it all down, the overall success of a restaurant or commercial foodservice operation depends on two things: the ingredients used to create the menu and the processes used to cook and prepare those ingredients.

Let's focus on the second one.

Food preparation has a handful of limiting factors, whether it's a chain restaurant, a school, or even a convenience store. Staffing, training, equipment, infrastructure, space, and procedures are all important aspects of any operations. When you add them up, you get one central theme:

Doing More with Less in a Commercial Kitchen

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A school district in Maryland might have trouble with staffing. Because so many other foodservice related businesses can pay higher wages, it often leaves that district and the schools it supports in need of people to cook and serve food to students. That school district in Maryland will need to learn how to do more with less.

A new, hot independent restaurant in Washington, D.C.'s new wharf district is likely paying an arm and a leg just to be in that location. Every square foot is costly. That goes for the back-of-the-house as well as the dining room. As a result, the kitchen might not be as large or spacious as operators would like, making it very important to bring in the right pieces of equipment arranged in the right ways in order to create a versatile, high-quality menu as efficiently as possible. That independent restaurant will need to learn how to do more with less.

A hot, new coffee shop in Blacksburg, Virginia wants to expand its menu to create fast but high-quality lunch items for students in order to expand its business. The problem is it's in an old building, and putting in a hood and ventilation is just way too expensive. In order to expand its menu and increase profits, that coffee shop will need to learn how to do more with less.

This is why High Sabatino is in business.

We love helping foodservice operations overcome their goals and meet their challenges. Our customer base knows how dedicated we are to finding the right solution, not providing a solution that won't do the job or do more than the operation needs.

We are grateful for every one of our customers, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you solve your problems. We invite you to use us for a free, 30-minute foodservice consultation.