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Bally is the best of best when it comes to walk-in coolers and refrigeration for the foodservice industry. With products ranging from blast chillers to multi-compressor rack refrigeration systems, Bally has you covered. Their latest products include the SmartVap II controller and the SmartSpeed Evaporator. Both products are the key to simplifying your refrigeration systems.

Walk-in installs can cost big bucks and be extremely complicated; with a SmartVap II controller, there are only two pipes and two wires, as simple as it gets. However, simplifying the install isn’t the only thing the SmartVap II controller offers. The SmartVap II Controller also replaces the time clock, the room thermostat, the defrost termination/fan delay thermostat, the defrost heater contactor, and the defrost heater fusing.

Your commercial kitchen most likely shuts down for some time during a 24-hour period. For example, the only time a school kitchen needs to be up and running is usually before and during lunch. This begs the question, why does the evaporator in my walk-in need to be running 24/7?

The SmartSpeed Evaporator by Bally is the answer to this problem. Bally’s evaporator senses the load that is being held in the walk-in and it adjusts accordingly. Essentially, the purpose of an evaporator is to cool air and remove heat, so what happens once the air is cooled to correct temperature? Nothing. With the SmartSpeed Evaporator, it cuts off once the proper temperature is met rather than running constantly. The results of this are reduced overall energy costs and an extended life of your walk-in.

When Bally’s SmartVap II controller is used in conjunction with their SmartSpeed Evaporator, you get an extremely energy, time, and cost-efficient walk-in cooler. We highly recommend using both of these products with every walk-in cooler that we sell. 

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