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When people think of BSI, the first thing that comes to mind is breath guards, millwork, and countertop solutions. BSI is a lot more than that, though, as evidence by our recent installation at a major university dining facility.

The way we look at it -- and the reason we represent BSI in the first place -- is they offer a real way to save money on your next install while maintaining industry-leading quality.

Let's take a closer look at the new college foodservice installation, which was focused around a state-of-the-art salad bar.

BSI High Sabatino Virgnia Tech diningThe project began with two contractors drawing up designs for the millwork and countertop. They were provided both sourcing and pricing information from the BSI and Wells lines. But if they would have started the process with High Sabatino, it would have been much easier.

Let us explain.

When our team helps out on a project, we can act as a single point of contact. After collecting the needed information, we would have sent all BSI countertops Virginia Marylandnecessary information to BSI, where they could have built the entire salad bar system in their factory. They would have assembled the breath guards, run all the wiring, and when solutions are assembled in the factory, they are UL and NSF certified. When assembled onsite, UL and NSF certifications are not available.

With a single point of contact and with assembly completed in the factory, this obviously plays a great role at reducing the labor costs associated with creating the solution on site. It's an easier and more cost-effective idea to send the design to BSI, let them quote the entire project, let them fit the drop-ins, and precisely cut and mount all guards. Essentially, using this method the salad bar is all built in the factory.

This is why High Sabatino is in business.

We love helping foodservice operations overcome their goals and meet their challenges. Our customer base knows how dedicated we are to finding the right solution, not providing a solution that won't do the job or do more than the operation needs.

We are grateful for every one of our customers, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you solve your problems. We invite you to use us for a free, 30-minute foodservice consultation.

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