Ice is a critical component of any operation because it straddles the line between food and beverage. On one hand, it's important because it cools and chills our drinks. On the other hand, it helps to enhance some types of foodservice displays. We also chew it and eat it, of course, blurring the distinction between food and beverage even more.

If ice is so important, then, how can operators develop ice programs that deliver quality, safety, and efficiency? We asked ourselves the same question, and we wound up with one answer -- ITV Ice Makers.

How does ITV Ice stand apart from the competition?

When it comes to ice makers, there are a lot of options on the marketplace. In our new partnership with ITV Ice Makers, we see a company and a solution poised to be one of the industry's biggest players over the next decade. Why? Because all units use R290 refrigeration for maximum efficiency, and even more important in the midst of the current labor crisis, they're easy to operate and service.

What is the ITV Ice story?

Everything ITV Ice does contributes to the idea of manufacturing solutions based on quality, simplicity, reliability, and serviceability. An American company with manufacturing processes in Spain, ITV Ice has serviced a growing list of satisfied countries in nearly 100 countries over the course of more than 30 years, but it's the next 30 years that made this line attractive here at High Sabatino.

ITV Ice's solutions are poised to make great inroads into the Virginia and Maryland markets in the years to come. Already engrained in many household name accounts, ITV Ice works with many medium and large chains in spaces like retail, QSRs, and fast casual restaurants.

What types of products does ITV Ice offer?

Ice comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and ITV Ice Machines are designed to deliver ice for these different applications. Whether it's flaked ice for a seafood display or elegant ice shapes for cocktails, ITV Ice Machines provide a diverse range of benefits.

SPIKA CUBERS: Ideal for fast-food chains with high consumption rates, Spika Cubers produce dice- and half-dice-shaped ice.

ALFA CUBERS: Alfa Cubers walk the line between service volume and piece quantity leading to cubes with straight edges to create more cubs per cycle.

GALA CUBERS: One of the most elegant shapes of ice you'll ever see, Gala Cubers create ice that is the picture of excellence.

ICE QUEEN FLAKERS: Diced ice or granular ice is ideal for foodservice applications such as seafood displaces, as well as health and wellness applications like therapeutic treatments in spas.

STORAGE BINS & DISPENSERS: Once ice is created, it also needs to be stored and dispensed. ITV Ice has solutions with these goals in mind to fit seamlessly with their different lines of ice makers.

Raise a glass to ITV Ice, and let High Sabatino help you with your bar and beverage solutions.

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