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MEIKO's Mi-Q technology is at the forefront of merging warewashing sanitation with reducing water, energy, and detergent consumption. As a result, their commercial dishwashing machines provide significant cost savings while enhancing the sanitation process. But what about commercial kitchens with limited space?

The MEIKO MTS M-iQ warewasher series is the latest addition to the MEIKO family. With a length of 18 feet and eight inches, the M-iQ MTS 918 has the smallest footprint of any MEIKO M-iQ warewashing machine.

The MTS series still maintains water consumption rates as low as 56 gallons per day, and like all M-iQ units, they significantly reduce the need for detergent and the energy used to heat water. With an innovative airflow management system, air is redirected from the clean side to the loading end, keeping dirty air off of clean dishes.

Take a closer look at MEIKO's M-iQ MTS.

This is the latest technology to come from the world leader in warewashing machines. To get a closer look, download the MEIKO MTS spec sheet, or you can always contact your High Sabatino rep to schedule a personal demonstration. Here are some basics on the MTS units:

* Do not use racks. They load on pegs on the belt.

* Reduced footprint from the standard 23 feet, saving operators five feet of space.

* Use less labor and process more wares without jamming the machine

* Look for MTS units in the MEIKO booth at NAFEM

* Perfect for colleges, universities, hospitals, caterers, business and industry, or corporate dining

Want to learn more about how warewashing can enhance the bottom line of your foodservice operation? Watch this short video testimonial.

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