School Lunch

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They are often recognized as those brave few that protect the country in the military, or even those who choose to teach the children on the home-front. Nationally, May 1 is takes a new approach to thanking a hero; the School Nutrition Association deemed this day as National School Lunch Hero Day, and we're here to celebrate this day with and for you. 

What makes this day even more special this year is the simple fact that, even though most schools are closed across the country, those tireless school nutrition specialists haven't stopped. They are still working, packing up lunches to-go, carrying those full carts to the curbside, and they are serving their community, amidst the chaos and the fear. 

High Sabatino and Associates has a strong reputation for working closely alongside the school lunch ambassadors. We proudly belong to the Virginia School Nutrition Association, and have been active at their conferences and events. We want to be your support system. We want to help solve common problems that you see arise in your own kitchens. We want to help you feed America's youth every day, in an often thankless job position. We know the importance that your job has within the public school system, and we see you behind the scenes, cooking in the kitchens, and touching thousands of lives in the process. On today's School Lunch Hero Day, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  

Did you know that we have online webinars tailored specifically for schools?

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