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I went to the Rational headquarters in Munich, Germany this fall. While there, I was given the incredible opportunity to experience Oktoberfest in the city where it all began. I was able to learn so much during that week, not only about beer, food, and the history of Oktoberfest, but also about the history of Rational, one of the world’s leaders in food service equipment manufacturing.

Little more than 200 years ago, the first Oktoberfest was held. When it began, Oktoberfest was actually referred to as the Wiesn (short for the name of the fairgrounds on which it is held). It was not the beer fueled festival that we know today, however. It began as a way to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildberghausen.

Over the years, Oktoberfest, or the Wiesn, has become one of the largest festivals in Europe. Each year the festival serves more than 300,000 bratwurst, 550,000 chickens, 120 oxen, 60 calves, and 100,000 pounds of fish.

In the last decade, Oktoberfest has brought in up to 7 million tourists per year. Every day there is enough seating available for up to 150,000 guests; that is equal to the Pimlico Race Course being over capacity for 16 straight days.

Much like Oktoberfest, Rational began in the heart of Munich several years ago. Over the last 43 years, Rational has grown into a powerhouse; inventing some of the most used technologies in the industrial kitchen.

Rational started out as a small factory of 25 workers and has grown to be the headquarters for this world-renowned company. In 2016, Rational stays true to its German roots, with 1,700 employees, 800 of which work in Germany, and they make every appliance in Germany.

Rational’s goal for over 40 years has been to create an appliance that could take the benefits from a convection oven and a steamer and put them into one machine. In 1976, they accomplished that goal with the Rational Combi-Steamer. Since then, they have constantly worked to improve upon the original, successfully designing and manufacturing five different new and improved models.

From their start in 1973 to 2016, the company has produced over 766,000 appliances. Rational continues to produce some of the most high-intelligence food service equipment of its time every year. 

Want to see for yourself?

We had a personal demonstration on the capabilities of Rational, and we'd like to extend that invitation to you, as well. Though we can't afford to take all our friends to Munich, we can host you in the High Sabatino test kitchen for a personal Rational demonstration

High Sabatino Rational Demo