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MEIKO's M-iQ technology redefines commercial dishwashing for foodservice operators. Intelligent, innovative, and efficient, M-iQ provides maximum cleaning effectiveness while minimizing water, energy, and chemical consumption, but why?Building on an 80-year tradition of cutting edge engineering, MEIKO's M-iQ leads the world in commercial dishwashing innovation for the following reasons:


Each tank features a multiple stage filtration process that first collects food soil, then flushes it out of the tank in high pressure cycles. This improves performance, eases cleanup and reduces detergent consumption up to 50%.


M-iQ features an advanced, fully integrated airflow system that retains and redirects hot air within the machine. This improves heating efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions.


M-iQ employs a high-pressure wash for improved soil removal and reduced water consumption. Water flow has been modeled using computational fluid dynamics. Water, energy and chemical consumption are all dramatically reduced.


Each tank is equipped with an M-Filter system. Water levels are monitored and controlled intelligently and automatically. M-iQ automatically diverts water within the machine to maintain optimum level control and soil distribution.


M-iQ incorporates a 3-stage energy control system, as well as a variable output booster heater, for optimal energy balance. The system dynamically adjusts to changes in heating distribution for minimal energy consumption.


M-iQ features an automatic cleaning mode. Assisted by the soil removal capabilities of the M-iQ filter, this dramatically reduces machine cleanup time. Areas that require regular manual cleaning are marked in for less wasted effort by the staff.

Would you like to see a first hand testimonial on how an operator can benefit from M-iQ?

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