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If you're familiar with shock freezers or blast chillers, you know they are widely used to comply with HACCP standards for food safety. However, not all blast chillers are created equal.

Most blast chillers and shock freezers require food to cool to a resting temperature before they can be used to freeze the food. Not only does this waiting period cause the loss of valuable time, but typically, food can lose up to 80% of its moisture from finished cook temperature to 150°.

Aside from blast chilling and shock freezing from the finished cook temperature, the Irinox MultiFresh can do a few other surprising things.

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The process of proofing is the final rise of the bread or pastry before it is put in an oven for baking. Properly proofing bread ensures a rich flavor, perfect friability and digestibility, and of course, freshness. The proofing cycles of the Irinox MultiFresh allows the temperature and humidity to be constantly monitored and controlled, resulting in perfect confectionery products.

Controlled Thawing

Often overlooked, the thawing process is one of the most delicate processes when it comes to preparing food. Irinox MultiFresh’s controlled thawing cycles give you the ability to control the time in which you want the thawed food to be ready for use or sale. By using temperature and ventilation, frozen foods can be thawed without compromising the foods integrity.

Low Temperature Cooking

Perhaps the most surprising element of the Irinox MultiFresh is its ability to cook foods at low temperatures. This controlled low temperature cooking allows chefs to utilize their Irinox MultiFresh even when they are not in the kitchen. The results of these cooking processes are more evenly cooked and brighter foods, as well as a significant reduction of yield loss.



Each of these surprising features of the Irinox MultiFresh help chefs with the preservation of fresh. To discover how your foodservice operation could benefit from an Irinox MultiFresh unit, attend a demo in our test kitchen. 

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