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Maryland and Virginia foodservice operators know that their guests care about results and Rational SelfCookingCenter® oven provides just that. No matter how you want your finished product to look and taste, one press of the button replaces temperature adjustments, pan rotations, and frequent monitoring. For operators, that means consistent quality, more time for kitchen staff, and happy guests.

It grills, it roasts, it bakes, and it steams. But that’s not all this intelligent combi-oven can do. Let’s examine five surprising things the Rational SelfCookingCenter® can do for your commercial kitchen.

[See the Rational SelfCookingCenter for yourself at a live event in our test kitchen]


Rest easy at night knowing you’ll walk into your commercial kitchen with perfectly roasted meat the next morning. The SelfCookingCenter® recognizes the size of the meat to be roasted, braised, boiled and cooks it to its exact specifications. With the ability to cook different types of meat all in one cycle, you can accomplish an entire day’s cooking load overnight, saving the entire kitchen staff time.


The gentle cooking and precise temperature holding through the sous vide option of Rational’s SelfCookingCenter® maintains flavors, colors, and vitamins. This is ideal for catering operations or satellite kitchens, who can prepare the right amount of food, whenever it’s needed, without overproduction and food waste.


Hotels can fill up their entire breakfast buffet in just minutes. With the ability to cook scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and fluffy croissants all in one oven using mixed loads, guests will have a constantly replenished buffet whether they’re early risers or late bloomers. Operators can go from using multiple pieces of foodservice equipment to just one for an entire breakfast menu.


Any foodservice operator with a SelfCookingCenter® can create smoked dishes without having to purchase a smoking cabinet. Expand your menu with smoked meats by adding the VarioSmoker accessory designed to smoke foods in quick and cost-efficient manner.


By preparing à la carte dishes in advance, chilling them until it’s time to serve, and Finishing® with the Rational SelfCookingCenter®, operators will save on time, reduce staff expenses, and still maintain perfect quality in each dish. Finishing® keeps warmed dishes from drying out, losing nutrients, and reducing tenderness.

No matter the application, an intelligent oven can benefit your commercial kitchen. Watch the Rational SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses Video and discover how to create hundreds of dishes with the touch of a button.


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