You make everything from scratch. Even your homemade beef stew cooks overnight, almost every night. With limited space, you need to be very smart about how you prep, cook, cool, and store your products. There's no time or space for ice baths, and you need to be quick to get things out of the way. Every inch in the kitchen counts. Every minute counts. Here's how you can maintain freshness with a blast chiller.

You need to make sure everything is by the books. You need to cook your products – and cool them – so you're HAACP compliant. You'd like to store your products in a cooler that provides detailed HAACP reports on when things go in and out of it. You'd like a blast cooler that chills and thaws. You'd like a unit with unparalleled support. You'd like to find the best way to preserve freshness in your kitchen. What you need is a MultiFresh Blast Chiller from Irinox.

MultiFresh IS Fresh

No matter how you define it, freshness is achieved with blast chillers and shock freezers from Irinox. It takes imagination, skill, and technique for chefs to express their creativity, but it takes confidence in your equipment and the reliability of your equipment to ensure the freshness of every dish you serve.
Irinox MF RangeThe Dynamic Fresh System® from Irinox allows you to cook, produce, and maintain food freshness over time. This provides:
• Flexible menu expansion
• Confidence in product quality and consistency
• Stronger kitchen organization
• Optimized production capabilities
• Better personnel management
• Reduced waste and enhance food-cost control
• Quicker service 

The Features and Benefits of the Irinox MF Series

All functions of Irinox commercial chillers are carefully tested by some of the best food professionals in the industry across a wide range of applications. Irinox has developed the right temperature, the best ventilation, and the ideal degree of humidity to ensure perfect quality regardless of the type of food or production process. Each MultiFresh unit includes:

tempsFour exclusive cycles for constantly controlled quality
• Customization of each cycle depending on food type
• Constant control of proofing
• Safe thawing capabilities
• The ability to cook and blast chill or cook and shock freeze in the same unit
• Ready-to-serve ability, all the time
• Increased shelf life of your products

Additional Irinox MF Series Considerations:

  • Irinox blast chillers are the only ones that have the exclusive IrinoxBalanceSystem® with which to blast chill/shock freeze food straight from the cooker at +37°/ 0°F.
  • MultiFresh is the only blast chiller that guarantees the same productivity for blast chilling and shock freezing.
  • MultiFresh, the only multi-function machine that can blast chill, shock freeze, prove, cook at low temperature, thaw and regenerate allows you to create a sequence with just one operation, several work stages and operations. For example, you can cook meat or fish at low temperature and go directly on to blast chill or shock freeze it, without having to the handle the product, withconsiderably reduced production costs and greater hygiene/health security which will increase the product’s shelf life. Blast chilling and low temperature cooking greatly reduce weight loss and therefore raise profits on each dish.
  • MultiFresh or the EasyFresh blast chiller are used to shock freeze at 0°F or +10°F; the water in the product is transformed into micro-crystals that maintain initial quality intact and do not ruin the structure.

Irinox Blast Chiller Case Study