POS counter space with wood front. Display case with beverages to the left.

For many foodservice operations, the point of sale is where profits are made, not just because it's where customers pay but also because they can find additional items to buy. For savvy operators who are committed to increasing the frequency of impulse purchases, selecting the right food and beverage display can have an enormous impact on the bottom line.

Seize the Opportunity with Impulse Buying

By definition, impulse buying is a consumer's tendency to purchase items in the moment without a predetermined plan to do so. It's often driven by the visual appeal of the product, as well as the location of the display. Customers waiting while standing in line often browse food and beverage display cases to help pass the time. For operators, that display can be a significant revenue generator.

Consider the simple concept of candy and gum at a grocery store. According to surveys of Wrigley customers, more than 50 percent said that stocking consumer packaged goods such as candy, gum, or mints in the checkout area of a restaurant would improve their overall experience. 

Impulse buys can significantly impact sales, especially when a tactic such as suggestive selling gets implemented correctly. Suggestive selling is intentionally up-selling or cross-selling by suggesting the customer add additional items and how they will complement items already purchased.

Finding the Right Foodservice Display Case

Impulse purchasing becomes more frequent when an operation employs the right foodservice display cases. Ultimately, a food and beverage display should highlight the products it contains. It should enhance visibility, making those items more appealing. And the proper display case should hold food and beverages at the ideal serving temperatures.

Lighting and location are critical, as are the best practices within the display case. Signage can help enhance impulse purchases, as can seasonal decorations. The types of foods and beverages can also dictate the type of display case used. While some are more linear and modern, other models can be curved and rounded. Consider the shape and display capabilities desired within the given space, as well as the overall aesthetic of the operation.

Discover the Art of the Display with Oscartek

Oscartek food displays benefit retailers by providing appealing, refrigerated storage of foodservice items such as ice cream, chocolate, deli food, and more. Additionally, Oscartek food displays include energy-saving and environmentally-sustainable features. Retailers benefit from Oscartek counter systems due to the counter systems' reliable metal frames, choice of low or medium temperature, and interior coved bases that allow for easy cleaning.

With so many different models and applications, there are plenty of tips on choosing foodservice display cases that suit every need. High-quality foodservice display cases from Oscartek go a long way in improving the overall appearance and revenue of a retailer's business.

Discover how Oscartek display cases can help your business grow:

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