Understanding the Difference Between RDT'S Eco-Cool and Eco-Smart

Refrigeration systems make up a huge part of the foodservice equipment sector. When it comes to developing and implementing reliable refrigeration systems, few companies rival RDT. Not only has RDT earned a sterling reputation in the refrigeration industry, but it offers a variety of different products to meet your unique needs.

rdt-300x176Two of RDT's most popular product solutions are Eco-Cool and Eco-Smart. While these two solutions perform quite unique functions, many people struggle to understand the differences between them. If you would like to learn more about how each of these solutions works, keep reading. This article will provide a useful overview of Eco-Cool and Eco-Smart systems.


As you likely already know, walk-in freezers and coolers utilize special refrigerants in order to maintain appropriately cool temperatures. As cold liquid refrigerant flows into the unit's evaporator coil, it absorbs unwanted heat from the inside of the refrigerator. In the process, the refrigerant undergoes a phase change, turning to a gas.

Eco-CoolIn order for the refrigerant to absorb more heat, it must first be changed back to its liquid form. This change takes place inside of the unit's condenser unit. A compressor acts to raise the pressure of the refrigerant vapor, thus pushing it into the condenser coils. There, heat moves from the refrigerant to the surrounding air.

Historically, most refrigerant systems contained reciprocating compressors, which used pistons and cylinders to increase the pressure of the refrigerant. Yet reciprocating compressors tend to be somewhat inefficient from an energy perspective. Not only does such inefficiency take an environmental toll, but it also means that business owners must bear greater operating costs from their refrigeration systems.

RDT's Eco-Cool systems do away with reciprocating compressors in favor of far more efficient digital scroll compressors. Independent studies have shown that Eco-Cool units can achieve energy savings greater than 48%. Even more incredibly, an Eco-Cool system can achieve this efficiency with far fewer compressors.

An Eco-Cool system can achieve the work of twelve conventional compressors with just two digital scroll compressors. This reduction in the number of compressors means that the system requires lower volumes of refrigerant. An Eco-Cool system also takes up a much smaller amount of space in your business.

For peace of mind, Eco-Cool systems come with 100% redundancy. In other words, they contain a back-up compressor to ensure that the system will continue to work as expected even if one of the main compressors experiences a problem.



Eco-Smart solutions have one key thing in common with Eco-Cool solutions: both reduce the amount of energy your refrigeration system consumes. However, the two solutions achieve this goal in much different ways. The Eco-Cool systems discussed above do their work on the back end of your refrigeration system, optimizing efficiency during the compression and condensation phases.

Eco-SmartAn Eco-Smart solution, by contrast, improves the efficiency of the evaporator coil inside of your refrigeration unit. As discussed above, the evaporator coil is where unwanted heat moves out of your refrigerator into the refrigerant. As the air around the evaporator coil rapidly cools, any moisture present often freezes onto the coil itself.

Over time, a problematic layer of ice may accumulate on your evaporator coil. This ice acts as an unwanted insulator, making it harder for heat to transfer to the refrigerant. To resolve the issue, your evaporator coil must be periodically defrosted. Older systems often defrost the evaporator coil according to a strict time-based schedule.

Unfortunately, not all of those defrost cycles are always necessary. Every unnecessary defrost cycle causes your compressor to work much harder, thus driving up your operating costs.

An Eco-Smart solution offers a much more sensitive means of defrosting your refrigeration unit. The Eco-Smart control system uses a sophisticated algorithm to measure frost build-up on your evaporator coil. Using this information, the Eco-Smart can perform on-demand defrosts meant to optimize your system's efficiency.

In addition to boosting energy efficiency, an Eco-Smart offers several other key benefits. For one thing, an Eco-Smart minimizes excessive temperature swings, ensuring that the temperature inside of your cooling unit remains steady. An Eco-Smart also prevents ice from forming on the floors and ceilings of the unit.


Bottom Line

Eco-Cool and Eco-Smart product solutions both work to improve the energy efficiency of your refrigeration system. The two solutions can easily be implemented independently of one another. In conjunction, the two can offer even greater benefits. For more information about how to improve your refrigeration system using RDT technology, please contact the experts at High Sabatino for a free consultation.

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