Get Free Staff Training from Rational in Your K-12 Cafeteria or College Dining Facility

Purchasing a RATIONAL Combi Oven from High Sabatino includes more than the equipment. We want to help you navigate all the "how to's" that may arise in your very own kitchen, and free staff training and resources are available for clients once the equipment has been shipped and installed, so that they can get the most out of their new Combi Oven. 

Onsite Training (4 Hrs)

Rational and High Sabatino want to provide their clients all of the resources available. When a Combi Oven is purchased, an onsite training is provided to provide an overview of the Combi Oven, and how to properly operate the equipment, so that you and your staff are ready to succeed in the foodservice world by using your new equipment. 

This training include basic operational coverage, as well as a seminar, that guides your kitchen to more efficient uses with your equipment. Knowing how far and how much you can use your equipment is critical to the workflow of the kitchen. When you are confident in your equipment's abilities, your staff will be too. 

Corporate Chef Provided by Rational

This training is not just taught by anyone. Leading the demonstrations and tips for using your new equipment is a Corporate Chef who has experience utilizing your Combi Oven from Rational and how to make it work for you. With a Corporate Chef, innovation is at the center of their demonstration. Take advantage of the best cooking methods and how to transition some of your favorite dishes with a new cooking method. With the dining world changing all the time, it is imperative that your kitchen maintain any trends that are happening to draw in a certain crowd. 

Maximizing Space Limits and Issues

Not all commercial kitchens are built and designed with the same layout. For many of our customers, space restrictions pose a level of issues and limits on what and how for the menu. During the Combi Oven training, both you and your kitchen staff will receive insight on how to maximize your space and work with the limits that you cannot control in your kitchen. 

Specialized Training for Your Specific Challenges

Maybe space is not your only challenge in your kitchen. During your training, your kitchen is your focus. If you are working with challenges such as limited equipment or limited counter space for prep, these challenges will be addresses and utilized as a part of your training. Offering a training to a kitchen staff that does not reflect their daily work space is not productive, and causes unnecessary frustrations. 

Menu Planning Including Dietary Restrictions

Now that your commercial kitchen is home to new equipment, updating and upgrading menu planning is something to consider. One of the most successful aspects of a commercial kitchen is their ability to plan a menu and in today's society, focus on dietary restrictions. With so many customers revolutionizing their eating habits either due to allergies or personal choice, now more than ever, building a menu that fits these needs is essential.

Because some of these dietary restrictions are new to our customers, our Corporate Chef will provide insight, and general dish ideas, to assist you with building that part of your menu that is cost-effective and compliments the main menu. 

More to Choose From

While there is a lot to learn in the free staff training provided by High Sabatino and Rational, there are additional sessions that are provided for a minimal cost. 

  • Expert Chef Academy - Banqueting
  • Expert Chef Academy - Large Scale Catering

These courses break down some of the more critical aspects, so that your kitchen can be utilized for special events and services. With the Combi Oven, these types of services are more efficient, and quite successful, due to the quality and product amount that can be cooked at once. 

If you would like more information about purchasing a RATIONAL Combi Oven or additional commercial equipment, contact us today for more information. 


Over the years, we've helped many K-12 schools, colleges, and universities experience both small and large wins in their foodservice programs. Schedule some time with us today, and attend one of our delicious and informative RATIONAL CookingLive Demos in one of our test kitchens.