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Most bars, breweries, and restaurants always have a high demand for beer. The increased demand for beer requires suitable methods that would enable serving more beer efficiently. Still, serving won't be effective if you don't have the right place to store and chill your kegs. You should find a secure location with easy access to change the kegs regularly to meet your customers' needs. Here are two of the best methods preferred by top bars and restaurants worldwide for excellent customer experience and high revenue.

Direct-Draw Draft Beer Systems

It is the best choice for busy bartenders and savvy bar managers. A Direct-Draw system is a great way to accentuate your customer experience and offer your employees a great time to use their time effectively while appearing extremely capable in the establishment. The beer system has specialized equipment to dispense keg beer in a temperature-controlled environment using compressed gas.

The system sits in a refrigerator, converted refrigerator, or a walk-in cooler. You will need to install the refrigerator below the bar or your counter for ease of access and suitability. These commercial refrigerators hold multiple ½ barrel kegs and additional cold storage for other items. The sturdy commercial-grade materials to make them are reliable and last long.

If you want to store your kegs in a walk-in cooler on a wall in your bar area, you can keep them close to the dispensing unit. Also, run a beer line through the wall to an adjacent faucet. With these state-of-the-art direct draw beer systems, your keg will always stay hidden while the beer remains cooler. Still, your busy bartenders will be able to fill glasses efficiently and aesthetically to keep customers coming to your establishment.

Long-Draw Draft Beer Systems

There is a lot more to Long Draw Beer systems that you can imagine. It allows you to deliver cold beer anytime while keeping the kegs in a distant location. The systems are used to get draft beer from your cooler to the draft tower using insulated beer lines. The beer lines need to be chilled as the beer travels to the tower and prevent them from becoming foamy or forming bacteria along the way.

You can achieve the effectiveness of your long draft beer system using two ways:

  • Air-cooled draft systems use forces air that send cold air into the cooler into a conduit where the draft line and draft tower are. The cool air ensures the draft tower remains chill and keeps the beer at a constant temperature. It is effective for draft systems that are shorter than 25 feet.
  • The glycol draft beer system uses a glycol power pack pump that pumps a mixture of water and glycol, which acts as coolant along the beer lines as they transport the keg. They run on a coolant line across the faucet shanks in the draft tower to cool down beer.

These two cooling systems use the same technique in cooling down the beer that arrives from the faucet. The kegs need to be pressurized to enable the beer to have enough pressure through the lines into faucets. The long draw systems provide ice-cold beer, and you can use them for high-volume beer dispensing.

Equally important, it would be best to serve chill, light, and bubbly draft beer that forms a good head foam for the noticeable aroma and flavors of the brew. You can choose among the wide range of beer drawing systems that will suit your needs.

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