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The world of catering and event planning is a multi-billion dollar industry. From wedding caterers to catered event centers, it's a business requiring equipment that can handle high volumes of guests reaching into the thousands.

Rental’s Unlimited is the greater-Boston area’s premier rental, catering, and event company. Traditionally, they confronted some of the most difficult warewashing and dishwashing situations imaginable by running nearly two and a half shifts, seven days a week. Even then, they could barely keep up, they were using excess water and chemicals, and they were spending huge amounts on natural gas and electricity to heat over 1,760 gallons of water per day. To make matters worse, they were washing many of their dishes twice just to get them clean.


Rentals Unlimited installed the first MEIKO M-iQ warewasher in the United States. Since then, they are saving:

  • $74,646 in labor per year

  • $13,909 per year in water

  • $9,720 per year in detergent
  • $6,899 per year in energy

This represents a total combined savings of $105,174 annually.

“The results we have seen after installing the M-iQ are almost impossible to believe," said Bob Bannister, Inside Director of Operations. "When I tell people the difference I have seen, they are a bit skeptical. When I think about what I am telling them, I can understand their skepticism."

But skepticism can't deny the results:

  • Rental's Unlimited now runs one eight our shift six days a week instead of two and a half shifts every day.
  • They have gone from consuming 1,760 gallons of water on peak days to under 600 gallons.
  • With a reduction in water consumption also came related reductions in natural gas, electricity, and chemical consumption.
  • Despite the fact that many of their dishes sit for up to four days before being washed because of the nature of the business, the rewash rate was reduced to only five percent.

“I would add that in addition to all the benefits already listed," Bannister said, "the M-iQ is one of the best and greatest investments that anyone can and should make in our environment. I stated that the machine uses less water, electricity, natural gas, and chemicals than our old dish machine. While all of that is good for the bottom line of our business, it is also good for nature. All of that reduced consumption has been one of our company’s biggest contributions to being green. And it could not have been easier or more cost effective.”

See how Rentals Unlimited enhanced their bottom line with the right commercial dishwashing machine. Watch this short video.

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