How Can My Kitchen Benefit from Bally Northwind Blast Chillers?


Whether you're a restaurant or a school, you need to be both safe and economical in order to protect yourself. With Bally's Northwind Blast Chillers, you can accomplish both goals with a single unit.

Let's take a closer look at these two important factors and more:


The highest chances of food contamination occur between 140ºF and 41ºF, which is commonly called the "danger zone." In order to comply with HAACP regulations, food items cannot stay within this temperature range for more than four hours. With Northwind Blast Chillers, food is placed at optimal temperatures in two hours or less. Whether you're a school or a restaurant, serving contaminated food is not an option.


Northwind's mechanical systems are precisely arranged to remove the maximum amount of BTUs generated by hot food. This means you won't pay for energy that is of no value. Modular construction and superior engineering make the difference.


Avoid citations, lawsuits, and food poisoning. Make sure your kitchen is operating as efficient as possible. Streamline staff schedules, and cut waste. Stay protected on all fronts.


Northwind Blast Chillers accommodate rolling racks, and their wide doors meet the requirements of the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Stay in compliance and increase the accessibility of your food items at the same time.


The Bally Northwind 500 Single-Depth Blast Chiller – This is the perfect unit when kitchen space is at a premium. Maintain the outstanding advantages of Bally blast chilling while preserving space with a compact unit. It's great for properties with smaller volume and limited space such as restaurants.

The Bally Northwind 1000 Double-Depth Blast Chiller – This workhorse, blast chiller unit provides the volume required for heavy-duty use. It is great for commercial foodservice applications, institutions, and large facilities such as schools.

Find the Bally Northwind Blast Chiller that is right for you.

To learn more about the Northwind 500 and Northwind 1000, or to find out the features, accessories, and finishes that are available, contact your High Sabatino rep today.

You can also download Bally's Northwind Blast Chiller brochure.