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Whether it's a sub roll, a burger, or a baguette, the bread is often one of the first things your mouth encounters during a bite. Translation? The bread is important. 

But to improve your on-premise baking operation, it's important to look at the factors in order to make it even better, and when you do, it pretty much boils down to two things. Aside from perhaps the ingredients you use, the most important aspect to a successful baking program is the equipment used to bake those ingredients.

From proofing and baking to mixing and sheeting, the baking process and the equipment used to implement it can help an operation stand out. It's important to find the right options.


Chain QSRs that serve hundreds of hoagie sandwiches at lunch have a different need than an early morning bakery churning out donuts. Menus and the recipes used to bring them to life play a critical role in the type of equipment you'll need, but it's not just today's menu you should consider. Where are things heading in the future? Is there any expected menu changes? Keep those in mind.


This is a big one, particularly in urban operations where space is at a premium. There's often a balance between finding a unit that will fit your space and have the ability to execute your menu ideas. Can you perform multiple functions in the same footprint? Would an oven/proofer combination make sense? Look for units that will help you get the most bang, not necessarily for your buck, but for your blueprint.


When you consider the full range of baking equipment from industry leaders like Doyon and Nu-Vu, you can pretty much invest at a wide range of price points. Ovens, proofers, combination units, countertop ovens, roll-in ovens, stone deck ovens, sheeters, bread cabinets -- the list goes on and on, and the options and price points for each category are just about as long. That's a good thing, and it's a challenging thing.

The bottom line is you should invest your financial resources in trusted names, names used by some of the top bakery and pastry operations for decades. Doyon and Nu-Vu are most certainly those names. But the next step is to figure out which of their offerings are best suited for your goals, the space you have within your operation, and of course, your budget.

High Sabatino, as representatives of Doyon and Nu-Vu in the Virginia, Maryland, and greater Metro D.C. area, is happy to announce a new service we're providing. Essentially, we're offering you a free baking equipment assessment to either help you better utilize the equipment you already have, figure out how to best replace that equipment if needed, or to help you determine how to get started if you're a new operation.

Schedule a free baking equipment assessment with us today, and let us help you figure out how to make the most dough from your dough.

Baking Equipment Assessment