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Safety is the top concern in any restaurant. While this is certainly true for customers, it's also true in the back of the house. And when it comes to safety issues in the kitchen, air quality rises to the top of the list.

How can operators improve air quality? The importance of commercial kitchen ventilation can't be underscored enough, and with Streivor Hoods and their patented airflow technology, operators can ensure that grease, heat, and smoke are efficiently removed from the kitchen, reducing fire hazards and protecting staff health. 

Why Streivor? Unique Technology.

One factor that sets Streivor Hoods apart from the competition is its technology. The energy-efficient hoods also consider fire safety with a grease collector and fire suppression nozzle. Streivor's SmartAire technology includes adjusting high-velocity, low-volume air streams to circulate air throughout the hood. The exhaust or supply airflow can be increased or decreased as needed, allowing kitchens to find the optimal air flow rate to remove contaminants from the kitchen. 

Are you looking to connect multiple exhausts to one common exhaust duct? Streivor Air Systems BalanceAire provides dampers that eliminate the need to go outside to make adjustments. Opposable blade designs let the dampers be adjusted with precision, ensuring all exhausts facilitate airflow, no matter the size of the commercial kitchen.

[Additional Reading: Download the Streivor White Paper to get detailed information on how Streivor hoods improve air quality and maintain a safe environment in the kitchen.]

Easy Maintenance with ExtractAire

Cleaning out hoods and exhausts can be a dirty job. ExtractAire technology makes this required job easier. ExtractAire makes it extremely easy to remove grease traps and filters. The filters can withstand the harshest environments and protect users, meals, and the hoods. This streamlined maintenance process contributes to the overall efficiency of the hoods because staff members do not have to stress about an involved cleaning process. Regular, easy maintenance also makes the hoods more consistent and reliable. 

On-Demand Controls

Kitchen ventilation is critical, and Streivor Hoods provides on-demand controls that ensure smooth ventilation throughout all commercial kitchens. Users can vary the power supply to the exhaust and fan motors to maximize the energy efficiency of the kitchen. With advanced programmable logical control (PLC), the hoods can take incoming data and adjust the airflow to match the demands of the process. With variable frequency drivers, the hood can adjust the fans and motors to control the airflow with unparalleled precision. This control system maximizes energy efficiency while ensuring the motors and fans have enough energy to ventilate the kitchen. 

Get to know Streivor Hoods and all the benefits they offer to commercial kitchens: 

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