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We don't generally publicize it. We don't really talk about it in this way. Heck, we never really thought about writing a blog post about it until a few weeks ago. But here at High Sabatino, there's one general thing you should know about our lineup of foodservice solutions.

We are always looking for new ways to combine our different lines of equipment to come up with new processes and solutions.

high_sabatino_FaviconBasically, we're looking to find the places where the rings overlap.

So what does this mean for you? From a general point of view, it means we will always educate you on the ways to make the absolute most out of your foodservice equipment.

If there's a new way to use your blast chiller, we'll find out and let you know. If there's a way to combine that blast chiller with a combi oven to come up with a new process, we're going to write a blog post about it or talk about it at one of our upcoming demos. If there's a new way to increase throughput or enhance your operational efficiencies or become more profitable, we're probably going to host a demo on it.

The bottom line is the bottom line. We want to help you become more efficient and more profitable, and that often starts with making the most out of your foodservice equipment. It also means coming up with new ways to combine them.


Save steps by taking roll-in racks from Rational and put them right in a heated cabinet from Carter-Hoffman. This combination saves time and preserves quality. It's great for banquet service, catering, larger parties, K-12, and college and university applications.


Instead of rolling a Rational rack into a heated cabinet, roll it into a blast chiller or shock freezer from Irinox. While other blast chillers require you to wait before moving product directly from a combi oven, with Irinox, that is not the case.

The benefit? No moisture loss. The science is simple. There's a great loss of moisture between the end of the cooking process and 150º F. While competing blast chiller manufacturers will tell you to let food rest until it hits 150º, what they're really saying is you've just lost a significant amount of yield and flavor. Irinox doesn't making you wait.

If you'd like to see how these different units and other foodservice equipment in the High Sabatino catalog can work together, we invite you to register for one of our upcoming culinary events. From Rational CookingLive to Freshness Reimagined from Irinox, our demos are fun, engaging, educational, and are even know to be quite filling.


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