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To begin with, we'd like to say congratulations to the University of Maryland Dining Services, for being a stepping stone in leadership! By joining the 'cool food' movement, the university is the first university in the world to join the 'Cool Food Pledge.' As they are making this transition, they're not only offering more options to the students and staff on campus, but they're helping fight climate change! The pledge brings new opportunities that help lower greenhouse gas emissions, provide healthier diets, and allows for everyone to get involved. Learn more about what the pledge means, how it's beneficial, and how you can help make a difference just like the University of Maryland. 


The Cool Food Pledge is a challenge any foodservice operation can join in on. It helps track the climate impact based on the food served, how it's prepared, and the climate footprint it leaves behind. By developing plans, recognizing our environmental footprint through what we eat, and showcasing the achievements made from those taking leadership roles in pledging, this platform is enabling great change. Are you ready to be part of the change?

The goal is to develop climate-friendly meals that remain delicious while still helping reach foodservice operation goals. By bringing in more plant-based foods and creating less intensive methods to prepare meats, your operation can preserve more natural resources. This eco-friendly transition improves the diet while enabling you to remain successful and be transparent with what consumers are purchasing. According to a Nielsen survey, 39% of all North Americans are trying to eat more plant-based meals and 23% of consumers want more plant-based protein options to choose from.

While the University of Maryland Dining Services taking the lead in providing more sustainable services, anyone is welcome to join the race for improvement. We're all in this together.


Through challenges and changes like the Cool Food Pledge, it's easier to raise awareness of important things like climate change. By sharing information on sustainability, and the impact it can have on our carbon footprint, one operation taking a step can be the leading representation needed to encourage others.

Not only does the diversity in food options allow for new flavors, dishes, and tastes to be added to menus, but it assists in bringing people together to make a difference. One perk is having a healthier diet from the new items on the menu. Additionally, a major benefit to this pledge is teaching others how to use more sustainable products.

Overall, changes like the cool food pledge provide chances to help fight climate change and preserve the environment.


With all of the additional emphasis placed on the "green" effort, and environmental sustainability, this impacts the way that patrons perceive your kitchen and menu within your industrial kitchen. One of the easiest and most impactful ways you can make a difference is by taking a pledge to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy consumption. Refrigeration costs alone can account for up to 25% of your monthly energy cost. Check out one way you can reduce this cost, and do your part to pledge to save the planet, by visiting this RDT article, and learning about retrofitting your evaporator coil.


Students, Staff, and Faculty are being encouraged to step up and share ideas or ask questions to better understand the pledge. Through this team effort, the hope is to expand and promote the cool food pledge to those all across the nation. You can email UMfood@umd.edu with any concerns, curiosities on how you can help, and any thoughts on how UMD's Dining Services can improve.

Once again, congratulations to the University of Maryland Dining Services. Thank you for your leadership! The High Sabatino team applauds you in your efforts to raise awareness and make a difference in climate change, and the environment for your students, staff, and visitors. 

If your foodservice operation is looking to make the pledge or wants to learn more about things like energy reduction, equipment that benefits climate-change, and more eco-friendly services, contact us today. We service Virginia, Maryland, and the greater Washington D.C. area.

Are you ready to take the pledge and join in on reducing the carbon footprint?

Now, how are you going to implement these ideas? High Sabatino can help.

Over the years, we've helped many colleges and universities experience both small and large wins in their foodservice programs. Schedule some time with us today, and let us walk you through some concepts and solutions that can help you implement the five factors listed above.

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